Balance brought forward, open item, and revolving credit accounts.


Statements with message facilities.


User definable or system generated account numbers.


Includes invoicing, credit notes, sales orders, quotations, picking slips, back orders, payments and journal options.


Allows permanent or temporary hold on accounts.


Options for interest calculations on accounts.


History files of statement and invoices.


Memos and special notes per debtor.


Invoice message facility.


Group debtors by class.


Individual special pricing per debtor.


Discount sales matrixes: by debtor and product, by debtor and department, by class and department.


Maintains and controls processed orders as well as back orders.


Tracking of sales by sales representatives.


Trip Sheets.


Staggered Dispatch.


On-screen warnings of overdue accounts and accounts that have exceeded credit limits.

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Extensive reports which include:
History analysis, invoice/credit note summary, age analysis (180 days), ledger analysis, debtors sales analysis, control accounts, reprints of invoices and credit notes, sales and price tracking per debtor, tracking of invoices by sales rep, invoice statistics, top clients reports by turnover or profit and more.