Process stock related transactions such as Goods Received Vouchers, Returns to suppliers, Stock adjustments, Pack Splits, Stock Issues, Stock Requests & Stock transfers.


Stock links eg. Coke can to carton to case.


Allows for promotional pricing or bonus quantities by date, hour & quantity.


Weighted average or latest cost valuations.


Printing of stock labels, barcode labels and shelf talkers.


Reference for shelf numbers of stock location.


Sixteen-character alphanumeric stock codes.


User definable or sys tem created stock codes.


Caters for multiple pricing (four different prices) with dis count structures.


Twenty Four months sales history analysis.


Multiple stores on one stock database.


Unlimited number of stock codes.


Special notes per stock item.


3 images per stock item.


Product search by item code, description, barcode or department.


Global price updates on cost and selling prices.


Use item bar-codes, generate item bar-codes or both.


Automatically sets minimum stock levels for re-order purposes based on previous sales history analysis.


Stock Take: Manual, tablet or scanner.


Scale Items.


Set Future Pricing.


Process supplier purchase orders and update supplier purchase orders with actual stock quantities delivered.


Automate supplier purchase orders.


Quarantine stock.


Set up alternate items.

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Comprehensive reports which include:
Re-orders, overstock, top sellers (gp%, quantity or turnover), slow moving stock, price lists, promotional sales, stock valuations, stock take (global or random), supplier items, stock variance, laybye details, below cost items, orders summary, daily/weekly/monthly/annual sales analysis and more.